February 27, 2021
movie review - moneyball

Moneyball: Movie review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In god we trust. All others must bring data

W. Edwards Deming

In sports, we have seen some romantic and out of the thought triumphs against odds. Moneyball, one of the finest in the genres of the sports drama is based on the book by Michael Lewis. It Moneyball is the story that completely revolves around the general manager of the Oakland athletics baseball team, billy beane( Brad Pitt) and all he and his team has achieved in the season of 2002. In the professional world, money is the real power. Top wealthy baseball clubs trade in the best players, while Billy lacking the wealth has just lost his three star players to the wealthy clubs but the one thing that prevents him from giving up is his determination and love for the game. Instead, Billy Beane found a new and economical way to trade players given the money constraint.

In search of a good baseball players, billy beane found peter brand( jonah hill), an economics graduate from the yale university- looks like a nerdy computer wix who was expected to have a sitting job in some accountant’s firm but instead works for the baseball team in understanding the statistics behind baseball (billy to peter:  Yale, economics, and baseball. You’re funny, Peter) While everyone was trading the best baseball players for the upcoming season billy traded for peter- economics grad. Billy and Peter together recruited players, who according to all the other teams were “misfit toys” and made them work the best by using the statistical methods to field the team which now is popularly known as sabermetrics. With the use of statistics and the cost-benefit analysis, in the 2002 season, the nation’s lowest-salaried Major League Baseball team of billy beane hit a 20-game winning streak, setting a new American League record. For the team who lost 11 consecutive matches at the starting of the season, this is no less than a miracle for the audience and the organisation. 

Brad Pitt and Jonah hill : moneyball illustration | source: google

The Moneyball movie is not about the miracle, it’s about the war between statistics and intuition. There is more to everything than intuition. It’s strange to even think that some games are predicted way before it’s even played. Moneyball pulls off many themes and messages and the biggest of all is that sometimes you have to think from a different perspective. Problems will never become easier, it’s the solution you need to focus on. Rather than always using the traditional approach one should indeed explore the wide angle, always look for new and better solutions to the same problem. Another thing is, numbers work crazy. It’s always great to have numerical proof of what’s gonna happen in the future. This incident opens up a new world to the gaming strategies – SABERMETRICS. Sabermetrics is now widely used to evaluate the past performances of the teams and predict the future performance based on the players performances. It also helps teams make more scientific and logical decisions about trade of players. 

Despite making the world record of twenty wins in a row, billy was not able to win the final match of the season that ends the movie to the note that maybe statistics help to increase the wins rate and tells about the players average performance rate but hard work and dedication is what makes a true team and that everything can’t be earned through predictions and analytics. Some games are just games of sweat, blood and tears. Despite being an economics genre movie depicting the wonders and limits of statistical analysis, moneyball teaches an important lesson that we should never undervalue the potential of any player/human. Peter in this movie mentioned that people are being overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws- age,appearance, personality and  Sometimes some people look like they have no great value but that’s just because they weren’t given the correct opportunity to. If given the right opportunity and guidance, even the misfit toys play extraordinary.

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