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COVID 19: A Reminder for India to increase the Public health spending

India’s health sector has been one of the most neglected sectors with the total spending of only 3.6% of GDP as per OECD, which is way behind other world economies and the global average of 8.8%. The health infrastructure is totally miserable with the lesser number of hospital beds, healthcare workers and an enormous amount …

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venezuelan hyperinflation

Venezuelan Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation, in economics means a situation of extremely high inflation. A situation where prices of commodities rise uncontrollably over a defined period of time; money become worthless.  World’s 57th episode of hyperinflation: Venezuela hyperinflation peaked with monthly inflation rate of 219.7% on 30th November 2016. What makes the Venezuelan economy more vulnerable is its rentier …

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Deglobalisation – A Rising Trend?

Deglobalisation, a downward movement in the world’s interdependence entrenched its roots early in the 21st century with the world’s most historic trade collapse. Since the Financial Crisis of 2008, globalization has been shrinking. Countries are moving inwards and protectionism is ruling out hyper connectivity. The recent world has seen Financial Deglobalisation, trade protectionism and not …

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